Business Model You: A One-Page Method For Reinventing Your Career


Business Model You, by Tim Clark

Business Model You, by Tim Clark

Business Model You: A One-Page Method for Reinventing Your Career, written by Tim Clark, in collaboration with Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, is an adaptation of the book Business Model Generation that gained fame thanks to the popular “canvas”, a simple and comprehensive framework including all of the elements that need to be addressed to define the business model of an organization.

Your Personal Business Model

In Business Model You, the authors maintain a strong emphasis on the canvas, that they have adapted to fit the personal requirements. The personal canvas comprises 9 building blocks:

  1. Customers. Who you help.
  2. Value Provided. How you help.
  3. Channels. How they know you and how you deliver.
  4. Customer Relationships. How you interact.
  5. Revenue and Benefits. What you get.
  6. Key Resources. Who you are and what you have.
  7. Key Activities. What you do.
  8. Key Partners. Who helps you.
  9. Costs. What you give.

In-depth Personal Reflection

In addition, the book contains a very interesting section to help the reader conduct an individual reflection, including a review of her personal and career direction and goals. The authors leverage a number of tools to propose some exercises to execute the reflection.

For example, they include “the wheel of life”, a simple scheme where the key priority facets of your life are identified, on both personal and professional dimensions, and evaluated both in terms of absolute importance and current satisfaction. It is not atypical for people to find out that areas that they consider essential parts of their lives are hugely unattended.

They also invite the reader to think back to a time when they were 20 years old to identify the things that they really loved to do, those things that would absorb them completely and made them enter in what modern psychology has named as “Flow”.

Another tool they use is “the line of life”, a simple exercise consisting of identifying key milestones representing the most important “highs” and “lows” that you have experienced over your lifetime, to then go on to identify their root causes, or “what was behind them”. This allows to identify the person’s interests, as well as the top skills and abilities.

They also use American psychologist John Holland’s tool to assess your personality. Holland defined six personality tendencies or types – Artistic, Social, Investigative, Enterprising, Conventional, and Realistic -, where any person has a mix of multiple tendencies, some more prominent than others.

After walking the reader through an in-depth personal reflection and self-knowledge exercise, the book takes the reader on a path to identify her career purpose and provides support on how to move to action.

Business Model You is a simple, yet powerful tool to conduct a structured career and life reflection, that can be particularly useful for those who are interested in a career change or simply in taking perspective and reflecting on their own career situation.

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