Achieving The Impossible

At the age of 64, after surviving some of the world’s most poisonous jellyfishes and without the aid of a shark cage, athlete Diana Nyad finally achieved her lifetime goal of becoming the first person to swim 100 miles (160 km) from Cuba to Florida. It was her fifth attempt.

In this 15 min. TED video you can watch an emotional testimony of persistence to pursue a dream, a demonstration that the impossible can surrender to human belief and that that belief can make a person go beyond borders that previously seemed unsurpassable.

Nyad’s achievement comes as a result of a long process, where each step counted toward her ultimate goal. She fought many battles on the way, including suffering and defeat. At the age of 60 and after her previous failed attempt, Diana provided a stunning example of determination in the pursuit of her goal. Watch the following 17 min. TED video to hear what she said.

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