Are You Afraid Of Missing Out?

Do too many options leave us more discontent with our lives? Are you always thinking about what can be better? In the following 11-minute TED Talk, writer and researcher Priya Parker shares her experience with burnout and her takeaways from it. With the younger generations being flooded with options from all sides, we’re less attached to institutions and traditions. We have a wide array of choices, whether it’s about whom we spend our lives with or where we go on a vacation. And what leads to our anxiety and fear multiplying is that we’re constantly looking at other people and comparing our lives with theirs – whether we’re doing what they do, whether we know the people they know, and so on. Parker talks about the “anxiety of opportunity cost” – how we’re always worried about not making the most of opportunities. She goes on to describe the factors that obstruct and those that enhance our ability to thrive.

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