Be Anonymously Extraordinary

To be a superhero, you don’t need a cape or a mask. All you need is to do what you’re doing with passion. In this 13-minute TED video, young activist Natalie Warne tells us her experience as an “Anonymous Extraordinary.”

After watching “Invisible Children”, a documentary about the children kidnapped and inducted into Ugandan rebel resistance army, Warne was inspired to create awareness about these atrocities. She joined the Invisible Children movement as an intern and led a US wide campaign to rescue these children.

The campaign was featured on Oprah Winfrey’s show, and Natalie became immensely popular. But according to her, the real victory was not the fifteen minutes of fame on the show. It was the tireless efforts of all other interns and the thousands of people who came out to support them. It wasn’t what was on TV, but all the stuff that happened behind the scenes.

Warne encourages us to follow our dreams with every iota of passion and effort possible. It is this that makes us heroes, and not the moments of recognition.

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