Appearances Are Not Everything – Hear It From A Model

Most of us would look at a beautiful person and go, “Wow! That person has it all together”. Indeed, individuals who are genetically blessed in terms of appearance do enjoy certain privileges in the society – it would be foolish to deny that. But, says model Cameron Russel, that is only one slice from the pie.

In this honest and heartfelt 10-minute TED talk, Cameron comes clean on what it takes to be a model. What people see in pictures and on television are just “constructions” that are collectively created by photographers, stylists, makeup artists and fashion designers. They are not real and they do not represent the person featuring in the photographs. Cameron admits that despite being a “beneficiary” of a racially prejudiced society (she is white, tall and slim), she is still insecure because she works in an extremely competitive industry and is expected to look a certain way every single day. And this sense of insecurity is not exclusive to her – she goes on to say that models are probably the most insecure people in the world.

The bottom line is that as much as we’d like to believe, good looks and social privileges are not a guarantee for happiness. They are merely “perceptions”. Can we break free from the power of image and go beyond these perceptions?

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