Be True To Yourself, by Ellen DeGeneres

What really defines success? Most of us would equate this word with name, fame and money but is that all there is to it? In her 2009 commencement speech at Tulane University, popular American comedian and television host Ellen DeGeneres talks about how coming out as gay ruined her career but left her a happier and more liberated person.

Ellen narrates how losing her girlfriend to a tragic car accident at 19 allowed her to find her calling in stand-up. She earned herself money and fame, but she always lived in fear because she had a “secret to hide” – a secret that could prove devastating for her career and status as a celebrity. Ellen, however, found the courage to be true to herself and not give in to societal pressure. At the helm of her career, she came out about her sexuality, her career plummeted, but she emerged a happier, freer and stronger person.

Watch Ellen’s 10-minutes long humorous and heart-felt commencement speech (Video portion from t = 1.42 to t=11.17), where she inspires young people to live life with integrity and be true to who they are rather than pretend to be what society expects them to be.

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