How To Change Habits That Pull You Down

How often have you promised yourself that you’re going to eat healthier and trade that daily lunch burger in for a salad? Very often, right? And how successful have you been? Chances are, not very. We all have habits that we find difficult to break out of. Habits influence our lives far more than we realize. For instance, if your goal is to get fit and shed all that unhealthy weight, your daily greasy burger isn’t helping. On the other hand, if you saw your running shoes every morning, put them on and went for a run, that’s taking you closer to your goal.

In this 16 minute TED video, Pulitzer Award winning reporter Charles Duhigg talks about the power of the habit, and how to change habits that aren’t working for us. Duhigg talks about the anatomy of a habit – the cue (trigger), the routine (the actual behavior) and the reward. He describes how about half of the decisions we make are plain habits versus actually thought out decisions. Will power plays a huge role in changing habits. Through entertaining examples and video clips, Duhigg tells us how by premeditating the cue and reward, we can change the actual behavior, and translate it into habit.

If you find this subject interesting, we recommend that you read our article The Power Of Habit based on Duhigg’s book.

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