Commencement Address at Pepperdine University, by Elizabeth Holmes

In this 18 minute video Elizabeth Holmes, founder and CEO of Theranos – a blood test company – and one of the world’s youngest self made female billionaires, delivers a commendable commencement address to the Seaver College graduates who graduated on May 2015 from Pepperdine University at the Malibu campus. Holmes begins by quoting Nelson Mandela’s excerpt on how greatness and success is hidden within each one of us. She shares her own failures and how they taught her that rejections and failures are not omens, but the propelling factors that lead one to success only when the determination to pursue one’s goal supersedes the urge to give up. As per Holmes, setbacks are merely inflection points that allow one to comprehend how far one has come and, how the verve to realize one’s dream unleashes the unquenched passion to succeed. She calls this verve ‘the calling’.

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