Creativity Makes The Difference

Creativity is an innate human ability, but is our current education system designed to nurture it? Sir Ken Robinson, author and educationist, presents an interesting case describing how modern educational institutions lay emphasis on homogenized syllabi that is aimed at producing an army of workers, instead of creating individualized education to nurture the unique talents of each child. This is perhaps why “useful” subjects like mathematics and sciences are given precedence over arts and humanities, which are often stigmatized and frowned upon.

Robinson believes that in the increasingly competitive environment, where almost everyone is highly educated, college degrees will cease to hold any value in the future. At that point, it is only creativity, innovation, and independent thinking that will help us seek solutions to problems.

In this very entertaining 20-minute TED talk, he underlines the importance of nurturing creative talent and urges institutions and the society to move towards a radically different education model.

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