How To Define Success, by Alain De Botton

We live in competitive, materialistic times, where the ideas of success and failure are rather fixed and homogenized. Alain De Botton, philosopher, author and founder of The School of Life in London, inspires us to think of how we measure success and subsequently, redefine it for ourselves.

According to De Botton, while nowadays it is easy to make a good living, the real challenge is to remain unconditionally calm and happy. The scope to shine in life is much more than ever before, but the risk of laying ourselves bare to envy, spite and contempt is very high too.

In this inspiring 17-minute TED talk, De Botton drives home the point that success should not be about fulfilling the criteria set by society, and that it is not necessary to succeed at everything. Rather, we must redefine our idea of success on very individualistic terms so that we are able to achieve what we truly want.

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