Discovering Your Purpose, by Steven Spielberg

In this 12 minute video, the iconic Steven Spielberg makes a very inspiring speech on following one’s dreams. His speech includes one of the major game changers in his destiny that led him to become one of the most phenomenal film makers of all times.
He begins by sharing a small incident from his childhood wherein, his father took him for one of the famous motion pictures, The Greatest show on earth by Cecil B. DeMille. A movie sequence in the film depicting a collision of a car with a moving train was etched in Spielberg’s memory. In later years, this memory propelled him towards creating a recording using a camera in which he recorded the crashing of two toy trains just to reprise the memory. He points out that this incident was his epiphany when a riveting memory and a camera together revealed what he truly intended to become.
He also explains how the dreams that lead you to your purpose in life are silent whisperers and, are hard to hear. Which is why, trusting one’s intuition is an extremely crucial step towards fulfilling one’s dream.

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