Don’t Ask For Permission

All of us at some point in our lives have faced rejection on a significant scale and sat back thinking this is just the way it’s meant to be. We’re so used to someone giving us permission to do things we want – whether it’s being in a job that we enjoy, or even taking the vacation that we want.

Like several others, Jamie Millard stepped out of college into the 2009 recession, armed with a degree in English Literature from the University of Minnesota, and a mind full of dreams. But nobody was hiring, and the only apparent option was “unpaid internship after unpaid internship”.

With no skills in web design or money to cover organizational expenses, Millard and her friends set out to build an online literary arts magazine from scratch. Their nights and weekend project not only won them local awards, but it eventually opened the doors to gainful employment.

In her inspiring talk at the University of Minnesota, Millard tells us that we all need to stop asking for permission to create our own experiences. “Be your own gatekeeper” she urges.

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