Emotional Correctness

When someone disagrees with you, what’s your first reaction? Get defensive? Or maybe go on the offensive? It is rather difficult to overcome differences, but it is definitely possible to see that the people disagreeing with us experience the same range of emotions that we do. If we keep this in mind, it becomes easier to build a connection with the other person. This, according to Sally Kohn, Fox News talking head and political commentator, is emotional correctness. Kohn is also the founder of Movement Vision Lab, a grassroots think tank.

In this 6-minute TED talk, Kohn describes how we are so busy focused on being politically correct, that we forget how to be emotionally correct. What we say is important, but how we say it is just as important– the tone, the compassion and the respect we show the other person.

“We spend time talking past each other and not enough time talking through our disagreements” Kohn says. She uses examples from her professional life to show us how we can find common ground with emotional correctness even though we may not agree with what another person says.

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