Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman

In this 5 minutes video on Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman, one of the internationally renowned psychologists (also known as the father of Emotional Intelligence), answers a few interesting questions on the topic.

Goleman describes emotional intelligence as a package of self-awareness guided by intuition, self-management in handling distressing emotions healthily, empathy and, a skilled relationship that incorporates all the mentioned qualities. As per him, it is imperative to include the honing of these basic skills in school where children can learn the art of handling their emotions healthily and channeling their energies into actions guided by their passions. When it comes to men and women, Goleman further explains that women are more emotionally intelligent when it pertains to exhibiting social skills and empathy, whereas men are better on accounts of self-confidence and managing distressing emotions. However, he also points out that when both genders become leaders in due course of time, they eventually imbibe the qualities they lack and attain all the four ingredients of emotional intelligence.

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