Focus On What Really Matters, by Anu Aga

Anu Aga, Indian business woman and social worker, delivers a strong and brutally honest message when she openly talks about her weaknesses as a human being and how the sudden deaths of her husband and son within the same year brought her closer to herself and the things that truly matter to her.

Aga observes how, in most of our interactions with people, we “play games” to uphold our pride and posture ourselves as superior to the other. While this may give us momentary pleasure, it affects our relationships and draws us away from friends and relations. Vipassana – a Buddhist method of meditation – taught Aga that she had no control over the external world or her destiny, but she could control the way she responds to situations and people around her. Armed with this renewed and positive outlook, Aga was able to turn around her failing family business and enrich her relationships.

This 13-minute speech delves upon life’s profound truths and inspires us to grow as a person, while being honest to ourselves.

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