Give Your Mind A Break! Meditation For Non-Meditators

Meditation is no longer an exclusive forte of the spiritual few. With rising stress levels and constant connectivity through technology, our minds are bombarded with information and input every second of the day. In this scenario, it becomes even more important to step back and allow the mind to disconnect from the never-ending chaos.

Serial entrepreneur Loïc Le Meur confesses to thinking of meditation as a useless practice, but that was before he adopted it himself and experienced its multi-faceted benefits on his life firsthand.  As someone who was introduced to meditation by chance, Le Mer now embraces it as an important part of his life because he realized that it makes him more competent at work and a better human being. Not only that, it also helps him come up with new ideas when he encounters a roadblock in his business ventures.

In this entertaining 9-minute video, recorded at the great Wisdom 2.0 Conference 2014 held in San Francisco, Le Mer talks about his journey from being a non-believer to a believer (of meditation) and illustrates practical steps he took to incorporate it into his busy routine. He also discusses the tangible benefits of meditation and why everyone should give it a shot.

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