Good Leaders Inspire Trust

Among the many traits and qualities that make a good leader, one of the most significant is the ability to inspire trust.

According to management theorist Simon Sinek, a remarkable leader is one who is the first to take risks and goes in the line of fire before everyone else.  He makes people around him feel safe and secure, especially in turbulent times.

Sinek cites an analogy from the Paleolithic era when humans evolved as social beings to ensure safety against various forms of danger. They developed a ‘circle of trust’ where each looked out for the other. The modern-day job scenario is not much different – the markets are volatile and several factors work to threaten the success of a business, many of which are beyond human control. It takes exceptional leadership qualities to keep things together, and it also requires some sacrifices. When there is trust, and when people are not busy saving themselves from each other, there is a greater chance for them to flourish individually and as a group.

Listen to Simon Sinek’s inspirational talk on what makes a great leader in the following 12-minute TED video.

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