How To Have A Great Career

There is a huge difference between a good career and a great career – we all know this but many of us are, for some reason, afraid to acknowledge it. We are afraid to follow our passions because we think it is not everyone’s cup of tea. We take refuge in various excuses – it is too hard, only geniuses can do it, I’ll look like a moron, it’s too much hard work, I have responsibilities, what if it doesn’t work out. These fears and excuses hold us back and we continue to live the same life we are accustomed to living.

Larry Smith, Economics Professor at the University of Waterloo believes that to have a great career, it is important that your work aligns with your passions. In this 15-minute evocative and inspiring TED talk, he elaborates upon the difference between passion and interests, and encourages young minds to stop being afraid, find their passion, let go of the “ifs and buts” and follow the career of their dreams.

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