Happiness Leads To Success, by Shawn Achor

American educator and author Shawn Achor talks about how we set the paradigms for success and happiness. Throughout our lives, we are conditioned to believe that if we work hard, we will be successful and subsequently, happy. In reality, when we do achieve a milestone, we only set higher goals and start struggling towards them. This breeds a vicious cycle where happiness is always elusive because it lies on the opposite end of what we define as success. Achor refutes this and says that we need to REVERSE this paradigm if we have to be truly successful and happy. We need to REVERSE the formula for success and happiness.

He believes that when we rewire our brain to be positive and happy, we are naturally more productive, creative, intelligent and better equipped to deal with challenges that surround us. This is what he calls The Happiness Advantage. All we have to do is change the “lens” through which we see the world.

Listen to his 12-minute fast-paced, humorous and very informative TED talk where he lists out 5 habits that could change your outlook towards life for the better.

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