Job Satisfaction Is Overrated, by Stephen Kellogg

Job satisfaction is often marketed as the be-all of living and life. Contrary to popular belief, it is not as relative a factor as most of us believe it to be. Rather, according to Stephen Kellogg, singer-musician, job satisfaction is easy to obtain and can be achieved when you are at peace with yourself.

Showcasing his own personal life and professional graph as an example, Kellogg teaches us some vital lessons on attaining job satisfaction. Once we stop comparing our own existence to that of someone else and start appreciating how much our job does to others around us, life becomes smoother. The secret to attaining job satisfaction is to believe that working is only one part of our life. It cannot be our whole life. We need work to fulfill our needs. Only when these needs are fulfilled, we can move on to fulfilling our dreams.

In this 17 minute TED Talk, Kellogg highlights that the worst phases of our lives too could turn into the best moments. Be happy in what you have and value your own self. Ponder over your core goals and never underestimate the power of yourself.

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