Leadership Lessons From Benjamin Zander

Leadership lessons from orchestra conductor and an acclaimed speaker Benjamin Zander is what this 20-minute video is all about. Every talent on earth is impulse driven. Starting with faint references to the significance of seemingly less popular classical music, Zander initially leads his audience into the importance of impulses that drive one’s call to action. He explains how a seven year old exhibiting a passion towards playing piano, cranks up his ability to improvise with every passing year until one day he stops, not realizing how his amazing talent could have yielded him a phenomenal outcome, had he tried pursuing it further. According to Zander, just like an orchestra conductor wields an incredible power on the orchestra without making a sound, a good leader awakens excellence in his team in different ways: trusting himself and pushing towards excellence, never doubting about the capacity of his team, measuring his success by the shines in the eyes of his team members, and questioning himself time and again “Do I inspire the world around me enough?”

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