Learning From Rejection, by Robert De Niro

In this 15 minute video, celebrated Hollywood actor Robert De Niro delivers an exemplary speech to the graduating students of Tisch School of Arts, at New York University.

De Niro candidly jokes about how, unlike domains like accounting and medicine that are driven by reason, logic and common sense, the field of movies is more passion and creativity driven albeit its uncertain and dismal degree of employment, success and stability. He subtly points out how in this creative industry, a director’s assessment of a recruit is always a gain for the recruit, even if he is rejected. He elucidates about the perspective gained from a rejection, and how it can help the recruit to open up to new ideas, in the process making him fearless of risks and failures. He also hints at how treasuring workplace relationships, the experiences and friendships formed during struggling times go a long way for an aspiring newbie.


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