“Lollypop Moments”

We human beings are much more powerful than we can imagine – so powerful that we may have a profound effect on someone’s life without even knowing it.

Leadership expert, Drew Dudley, reminisces about a seemingly mundane moment in his life when he was handing out lollypops to a bunch of newcomers at a university. He did not realize it then, but that seemingly ordinary act of his actually prevented a student from backing out of college.

Years later, the student wrote a letter to him, thanking him for turning her decision around. The point that Dudley tries to make is: that moment of knowledge, when you know you have changed someone’s life, is a moment of incredible power. And that is what true leadership is actually about. It is not something vague like “changing the world”. It is about these little things we do or say that can make someone’s’ life better. According to Dudley, “There is no world, there’s only 6 billion understandings of it. If you change one person’s understanding of it… then you’ve changed the whole thing.”

Do watch Drew Dudley’s crisp and entertaining 6-minute TED talk, and do thank the people who’ve had a positive influence in your life – they deserve to know.

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