Neuroplasticity: Our Brain Can Change, by Michael Merzenich

The brain is technically designed to change, to adapt and to evolve continuously. In this 23 minute TED Talk, Michael Merzenich, a renowned neuroscientist, explains the incredible powers of brain plasticity. Brain plasticity, explains Merzenich, is a remarkable ability to register massive information and adapt spontaneously to the various changes in the environment around. The two epochs of brain plasticity are the infant critical period (when the brain sets up basic processing machinery) and adult plasticity (when the brain rewires its machinery to master a wide repertoire of skills and abilities). Brain plasticity re-affirms that the brain learns to selectively alter the perception of inputs, albeit the environmental conditioning. Also, cortical processing in the brain is always in sync with the behavioral inputs, depending on environmental changes. Brain plasticity can be acquired over prolonged training sessions, to enhance cognitive skills and recover lost functions in children and aged people suffering from mental afflictions like autism and schizophrenia.

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