The Secret To Success Lies Within

What makes us successful? Is it our environment? Our behavior? Or our skills? Leadership coach and trainer, Craig Goldblatt, offers an entirely new perspective on what we believe drives success and what we spend most of our time, energy and resources on.

He cites an example of a young boy Oscar who came from an impoverished background, had no skills or education and yet, became one of the most powerful businessmen of South Africa in his time. What did Oscar have that others didn’t? According to Goldblatt, there are factors over and above “environment” (where we live), “behavior” (what we do) and “capability” (the skills we have) that contribute to our success. These are “beliefs and values” (what is most important to us), “identity” (who we are when we are ourselves), and “purpose” (our reasons for loving BEYOND ourselves). While Oscar didn’t have any of the former, he had an abundance of the latter.

In this 17-minute inspirational TED talk, Goldblatt explains how the key to success is not copious amounts of skills or degrees, but whom we are within and what we are willing to give back to the world.

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