Self-Confidence As A Skill, by Ivan Joseph

The best way to realize self-worth is to nurture self-confidence. Dr. Ivan Joseph (Director of Athletics, Ryerson University) defines self-confidence as “the ability to believe in self to accomplish any task no matter the odds, no matter the difficulty, no matter the adversity.”

Often times we live more by the worldly standards than our own. We are happy when appreciated. We are dejected when our rivals are appreciated. We feel a lot of remorse when we are berated. We are stingy about criticism as much as we feel appreciated when, complimented. And, there is self-confidence that fluctuates at various levels in all of the above, when falling for criticism supersedes the confidence that comes from compliments. Dr. Joseph explains how self-confidence is an essential ingredient in realizing self worth. He further asserts that self-confidence is honed only if you go through the rigmarole of “repetition, repetition and repetition”. Say, you are scared of public speaking. You practice not once, but many times until you are confident of nailing it irrespective of the audience number or type. It is only with a continuous repetition of a particular task that you nurture your confidence in accomplishing the task.

Watch this video to understand how self-confidence is not just a quality, but a skill to be honed, and how.

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