How Steep Is Your Learning Curve?

As humans, we are constantly driven by the need to learn something new. However, the fear of failure and embarrassment often comes in the way. Josh Kaufman, bestselling author of The Personal MBA and The First 20 Hours, shares anecdotes and experiences from his life, and inspires us to believe that there is no 10000-hour ground rule that you must follow to acquire a new skill. While more practice and prolonged timely focus helps you master a skill, you can actually learn something new in as less as 20 hours.

While talking about the art of learning anything, Kaufman breaks it down into four simple, doable steps – deconstruction of the skill, learning enough to self-correct, removing practice barriers and devoting 20 focused hours towards practice.

In this 20-minute entertaining TED video, he convinces us that the main obstruction to learning anything new is not intellectual, but emotional.

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