What Does Success Really Mean?

According to Coach John Wooden, who trained basketball players at UCLA, we often tend to equate success with power, prestige and material possessions. But, while these may be best regarded as “accomplishments”, they may not be true indicators of success.

True success, in his view, is achieved when a person strives to be the best he is capable of. Wooden draws from his father’s wisdom, who said, “Never try to be better than others, but be the best you can be”. Success comes not from numbers, marks or scores, but from the inner peace and satisfaction of knowing that you gave it your all.

In this 17-minute TED talk, he illustrates his point through some inspiring verses from the Bible along with quotes and poetry. “You can win when you’re out scored. You can loose when you out score. When a game is over a person watching should not be able to tell from your actions if you won or lost. Effort is what is important”. Food for thought indeed.

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