Take 10 Minutes Off For “You” Time

The crazy race of life has a massive side effect– stress, in short! The crux of cutting stress from our high-on-work and less-on-free-time lifestyle is by changing perspectives. Andy Puddicombe offers an enlightening insight into meditation and how it can change your life balance. The biggest mistake all of us commit is being anxious about anxiety. Silly though this sounds, it is a reality that we either remain submerged in work, planning for the future or getting nostalgic about the past.

As Puddicombe says in this engaging 10–minute TED Talk, give yourself a break and spend 10 minutes a day doing nothing. Yes, not even sleeping. Try and draw a blank line somewhere. See how easy life gets once you stop reminding yourself of what you are in. Spending 8 hours a day at work and 2 hours in chores, is normal. However, it becomes abnormal when we make these the only factors in our lives. Think for yourself and have no second thoughts or even third thoughts. The brain needs rejuvenation time. Begin by spending some of your time doing absolutely nothing!

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