The Conversational Nature of Reality, by David Whyte

In this beautifully poetical talk, internationally acclaimed poet David Whyte, an associate Fellow at Templeton College and at the University of Oxford explains about the conversational nature of reality and, how we elude it by being oblivious to the many factors that weave the actual reality. According to Whyte, “one of the essential realities of the conversational nature of reality is that whatever you as an individual would like to happen in the world would not happen exactly as you would like it. But equally whatever the world, your society, your organization, the people you serve in life want you to do will also not occur. You will not comply exactly as they would like you to comply. And what occurs is this third frontier, this conversational reality, and the ability to create an identity, where you can live at that frontier is one of the great triumphs of human life.” Whyte states the “everything is connected, all creatures are connected, that is the conversational nature of reality”.

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