The Power Of Our Choices, By Jeff Bezos

This video is a ten-minute extract from Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos’s graduation speech at Princeton University. Bezos explains about the incredible power of the choices we make in our lives. He begins with a childhood memory involving his grandfather who taught him at a tender age of 10 about the gift of being clever and the choice of being kind. If intellectual gifts are not checked by reason, the choices one makes in life are affected adversely. He recounts yet another experience about his dream to build an online book store with millions of titles, while he was still well employed. Despite the failures he experienced, he explains that the contentment that comes from having taken a risk and failed is more gratifying than playing safe for the fear of failure. He then throws the following questions to the audience:

• Will you follow a dogma or your heart?

• What will be your guide in making choices – inertia or passion?

• Will you dodge criticism or, accept it as a part of growing up?

• Will you bluff it when you are wrong, or apologize?

• Will you be clever at the expense of others or will you be kind?

Bezos beautifully sums it all up: “In the end, we are our choices. Build yourself a great story.”

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