The Power Of The Mind, by Carrie Green

Carrie Green started a network for female entrepreneurs around the world with an aim to help women overcome their fears and insecurities when taking up new challenges such as starting a new business. With her power over her mind she inspires many like her to pursue their dreams with passion.

Who and what you are and how you act and react entirely depends on the way you are programmed to think. As Green puts it beautifully, “What goes on in your head largely impacts your decisions, actions, and the way you perceive the world around you.” She elucidates further on the power of mind by sharing her own experience as an upcoming entrepreneur and how this experience with tweaks of success and failure helped her understand the incredible power of the mind. She further shares interesting methods on how to give a direction to the continual influx of myriad thoughts, thereby programming the mind for success. And, the first step one needs to take towards programming the mind is mitigating negative thoughts and staying away from people who exude non-constructive vibes.

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