The Third Metric Of Success

Society’s definition of success is usually limited to only two aspects – money and power. Arianna Huffington, Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post, equates this definition to a “two-legged stool” which may hold up for some time, but will ultimately topple over. Is there a reason why money does not bring happiness? Why high-flying lifestyles breed so many diseases and health problems? Why seemingly intelligent and successful people constantly make wrong decisions?

The answer, according to Huffington, lies in what she calls the “third metric”. She argues that in our quest for money and power, we completely forget who we are and what we can give back to the society. The Third Metric comprises four elements – Well-being, Wisdom, Wonder and Empathy – things we so easily sideline as we race up the ladder of success. And yet, it is only these elements that keep us connected to ourselves, and the space within us where we find inspiration to do bigger things. Success is of little use if you are unhealthy, stressed, or do not have time to enjoy what you have.

Watch Huffington dismiss the conventional definition of success as she addressed a group of graduates at Smith College. She wins many young hearts with her 24 minute long lively and witty speech.

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